Like many aging baby-boomers, my vision has deteriorated significantly over the last 20 years. 45-70 Rifle was only available through select World Class Collection dealers. This excellent Model 1874 sporting rifle utilizes a 28” heavy full octagonal barrel. 8 Oz. Double set triggers. F Bridgeport, Conn. The Special Sharps has double-set triggers to aid the accuracy of long-distance shots. These sights follow era specific designs to give you accuracy in a classic way. It is a New Model 1874 Bridgeport Sporting Rifle in . Dbl. 437" dovetail. C sharps 1875 C sharps 1875 With Vernier tang peep sight, RS Lawrence patent folding leaf sight and globe front sight. These sights use the readily available Lyman 17A inserts (10 inserts included) and have the spirit level completely protected inside the globe. to Captain C. Barrel w/satin black blued finish. Standard Sharps 2 1/4" hole spacing, front sight dovetail is 7/16 Beautiful C. Demand has everything to do with the availability and Shiloh leads that category. Muzzleloader parts. This elegant rifle is scaled down in size and weight, making it a superior hunting rifle in the renowned . The rear tang sight is a modern reproduction and the base is not long enough to accommodate the existing screw holes. 00 (call for shipping and handling) Assorted Accessories. Pedersoli globe front sight for your black powder cartridge or muzzleloading rifle. has 2 sight slot inserts, one for the regular long base Rem. Forever. 00. . It's possible that some filing will be needed to get a proper fit. Explore Midwest Gun Works expansive line of Lyman sights for classic rifles and shotguns. 45-70. Results 1 - 25 of 229 Lyman # 17 Front Globe Rifle Sight. VERY COOL gun would make a great deer rifle. Cal. All sign insert slots are . , 34'' heavy octagon barrel, case hardened frame, with gold inlaid initials ''CAM'', patchbox standard walnut stock, pewter-tipped forend; semi-buck rear sight, globe type front sight, and mid-range tang vernier sight; standard forend with pewter tip. Marble Arms® Contour Front Sights are strong, stable, and give your rifle a true traditional look. of Philadelphia circa 1857-1860, Sharps manufactured only about 600 of these Standard Model Dec 31, 2017 · Its older style hex receiver was made in Russia in 1936 and bears the emblem of the Soviet factory in Tula (Star with Arrow). 1898 1902 1903 Krag Rear Sight Ladder Slide Detent Spring Our old buddy “hickok45” takes us into the past when he fires a beautiful . Thanks all for the help, I bought a Lee Shaver with level and inserts a few days ago. It mounts easily to the attaching base with a knurled locking screw. Walnut case with drape fitted forest green velvet interior. Sep 23, 2010 · The external-adjustment RHO mounts fit into the barrel's front and rear sight dovetails. During that time, we have manufactured only the best products to give the we have dedicated shooter the confidence needed to win at every level of competition. com. Pedersoli Folding Front Sight for 1875 Springfield (Globe or Blade) 7 Jul 2006 Author added tang adjustable rear sight and globe front with and Shiloh Sharps, represent the “high end” of Sharps rifles—essentially those . These magnificent front sights are the number one choice of precision shooters and serious hunters. , Dept. Accuracy at 50 yards with tang aperture sight and “globe” front sight well within normal applications of the cartridge. 0. C. Sharps Rifle Co and Freund's Patent 1880, Durango Colo. CO. Taylors & Company has a high-quality collection of ammo, black powder and cleaning accessories, gun display cases, sights, scopes and more. These markings were set to accommodate this fancy rear barrel sight. 34 inch barrel. Famous Sharps · About C. Inc. I had no problem ringing steel out to 500 yards with it. Sound mechanics. MENU C. Our Assessment: The Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company started out as Shiloh Products Inc. I'd do $550. Huxley Walters. approx. What a difference, the sight picture is really fantastic. 00-Montana Vintage Arms - 406-388-4027 PEDERSOLI DAVIDE & C. com 800-238-6785 (orders ONLY) Outside of the U. Sharps Rifle Co. 360 dovetail cuts that fit most European imports. 28" oct. Gun has probably been set back several inches and there is an added dovetail for a sight. 360" above the plane of the barrel. Rifle. 38-55 and . The rear sight is a screw elevation adjustable peep sight, mounted to the upper tang. ” That Sharps made amazing long-distance shots. SN 6676. The lot includes: six NEW Shiloh Sharps Lawrence rear ladder sights, including slide - three utilizing full buckhorn, and three semi-buckhorn; three NEW Shiloh Sharps Blade front sights - constructed of German silver; one Shiloh sporting tang sight; one Shiloh globe front sight Dec 29, 2004 · Two of them were their top of the line sights. It is tapped to accept a Creedmoor long range rear sight. Pat Dulin of C. The top of the barrel ahead of the rear sight is marked "Old Reliable", "C. Track of the Wolf will sell me one for about $25. case; or else there The Pedersoli sharps rifle that I have was made in 1999 and the front sight is a steel square with a slit in it for a half moon type blade. com Location Ohio Description. To operate the Sharps, the big hammer is placed at half-cock, the lever is operated down and forward opening the breech, a cartridge is loaded, the lever is brought back and up, the breech block closes, the hammer is Apr 29, 2015 · With Vernier tang peep sight, RS Lawrence patent folding leaf sight and globe front sight. Parts over 13 ounces will ship priority mail for $9. Most would file on the sightrather on the barrelbecause it costs more to replace the barrel. Bridgeport Conn. 70 ~ Gun Review Ammoland Inc. 450 or 7/16 or something like that it surely isn't a 3/8. I make front sights in three base widths 1/4" ~ 3/8" ~ 1/2" ( except Rimfire Rifles with Octagon Barrels should use 3/8" base width sights) They are made of good steel or brass and trim easily with a sharp file. Maybe later dated model of the same type may have the dovetailed front sight but this one does not. S# 11083. Parker-Hale has been an established leader in British shooting equipment for nearly a century. Shiloh Creek is also called upon for the loading of black powder cartridges,  Results 1 - 16 of 17 Universal Short Range Creedmoor Tang Sight For Sharps Rifle. this rear sight is serviceable but not great. 788" Globe Front Sight Steel Black. I had a Pedersoli model 1874 Sharps that had the rear tang sight and front globe. Pedersoli Sharps 1874 Sporting Rife. CO HARTFORD CONN Clear serial number is marked on the receiver tang and underside of the barrel-87533 Lyman Sharps Rifles are supplied with a Lyman #2 Tang Rear Sight and a Lyman #17A Front Globe Sight. I loved the ability to adjust the pitch of the upright until it is perfect. Top flat of bbl has the "OLD RELIABLE" cartouche and "BRIDGEPORT" address. Shop our vast selection and save! Front sights All of our front sights are designed for a 3/8" dovetail unless noted otherwise. Not as expensive as some, but good enough for me. Sharps, Smith, Pedersoli, made  This sight will not fit a C. 492" Height with 18 Sight Inserts Pedersoli Trapdoor Springfield Rifle Rear Barrel Sight The center of the sight will sit . 45-70 caliber. Select from a wide variety of Lyman, Creedmoor and Soule type tang sights, tunnel and spirit level front sights, front sight inserts, glass bubble level inserts and more. MVA offers the Sharps Vernier tang sight as a close reproduction of the original Sharps sight, but we have MVA offers rear tang sight bases to fit most black powder cartridge rifles. Mounted to the upper tang is a deluxe mid-range tang sight with aperture and windage adjustment. The front sight may be replaced with a hooded front sight with adjustable inserts, or with a spirit level front sight. 45-70 Sharps Borchardt Rifle This rifle was made by C. The Williams Target Globe Front Sight is adaptable to many different rifles for target competition shooting. Buy online, view images and see past prices for Suzi Bradley Master Engraved Shiloh Sharps Model 1874 Creedmoor Target Rifle with Certificate of Authenticity. Enfield and Mauser. Serves as a globe sight for long-range shooting when raised, or you can fold it down and use the built-in blade for close work. Bbl. S# SH15927. Mar 26, 2007 · Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA takes this Winchester Model 67 and prepares to shorten the barrel by installing a new front sight. My all purpose lower 48 cartridge is a 405 grain cast bullet loaded to 1475 fps (+/-). Early 20 th Century Military Style Rifle in . With a few files and the Wheeler Engineering dovetail cutting Brownells is your source for Front Sights,Sights at Brownells parts and accessories. 50 cal. Price : $750. Easy to adjust and precise. Now I have a "known" sight to use and have extra insert cards that fit Pedersoli Sights in Cimarron. Money Back Guarantee ensures YOU receive the item you ordered or get your money back. I contacted C Sharps from the get go and nota. 330 high for Reproduction Remington Revolvers Compare. , a manufacturer of The usual wind-gauge target front sight was held in a dovetail cut in the barrel The sight tube or globe was slotted so that interchangeable sighting inserts  Distance between the two mounting holes: 2 3/16" up to 2 5/16" (56 up to 58,2 mm). (RIGHT) Reproduction M84 carbine front sight parts: Blade $30, Pin $10, Base $30 + S/H. It was finally time to hit the range. Whenever you're looking at a C. 4" Sharps. SN 6654. in Big Timber, Montana. Lyman specification bore dimensions. Search Lee Shaver Gunsmithing. Great fiddleback figure. sight that will be used by shooters in the program so that you can clearly explain which direction to turn the sight knobs to move shot groups in the desired direc-tion. Bbl has most of a refinish remaining with "J. Weight: 12 Lbs. Each style offers a unique advantage to the shooter, depending on your requirements. Express rear sight having 1 standing & 2 folding leafs. 2 SINGLE SHOT TARGET RIFLE WITH FACTORY LETTER. The receiver also has a boxed 'SA' stamp that shows the rifle was the property of the Finnish Army. Purchased new by consignor. 4274, . so I went on a search for what I needed. Unmounted Lee Shaver Long Range Soule tang sight w/Hadley adjustable eyecup and Lee Shaver front spirit globe w/inserts. of the actual sight globe is . Code: 15. Quantity Williams Gun Sights. 800-530-9028. Interested in Muzzleloading? Midsouth carries everything from the Muzzleloader, Rifle, or Pistol you want, to the Black Powder, sabots, and bullets that go in it, in stock and for sale, from great brand like Lyman, CVA, Traditions, T/C, Pyrodex, Blackhorn 209, and many more! Although his association with the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company ended in 1853, Christian Sharps continued to work as a designer and manufacturer of firearms. octagon barrel stamped “C. Pedersoli Sharps Tunnel Sight w/Inserts ( Cartridge) Code: 15. Cal 22 Short or Long Rifle. Get the best deals for sharps rifle parts at eBay. Tuition is DUE!!! This rifle came out of an estate sale. - Hartford Conn. R. for each NO FFL ROW #7: (LEFT) Reproduction M73 carbine front sight parts: Blade $30, Pin $10, Base $30 + S/H. Sharps Arms with the #1 ½ Heavy barrel, 32” long. Thanks for looking! tom2mel2@comcast. Products All Products » Gun GLOBE FRONT SIGHT HOOD, RIFLE, Original. 45-70 34″ heavy round barrel with Ballard Rifle Company spirit-level globe front sight, no provision for a rear sight, and Ballard Rifle Company vernier tang The sight card thickness is . 942” flat-flat at the muzzle. Sharps & Co. " ahead of the rear sight and "CALIBRE 50" at the breech, spirit level globe front sight (modern), notch and folding ladder rear sight, C. We know that you may not be ready to purchase just yet. SHARPS MODEL 1875 TARGET & SPORTING RIFLE w/Badger Barrel, 30” Heavy tapered round w/cut rifleing & lapped 7/16” Sharps front dovetail, American walnut w/pistol Grip 14 1/4” length of pull & Sharps Old Reliable black butt plate color cased receiver group drilled & tapped for Sharps Tang sight. Mfr Part: 474. Quickview. A spring steel keeper retains any one of 12 sight inserts provided with the rifle. Pedersoli Rolling Block Target Rifle. SHARPS ARMS CO. Military and comercial. Sharps · Our Team Globe w/. - RIFLE GLOBE FRONT SIGHT. Lyman 93 Match Globe Front Sight 3902035. support@williamsgunsight. There are aftermarket sights on the market for this firearm. Box 885, Big Timber MT 59011 // P (406) 932-4353 // F (406) 932-4443 // rifles@csharpsarms. 22 Hornet chambering. go with MVA or Baldwin tang sights and their corresponding front globe with spirit level. D. 010", very thin slot for it as well. Apply a new sight to your classic replica pistol or rifle with these well crafted sight systems from Uberti. 45-70 Rifle This is a Beautiful and Very Well Kept, Early C. 00 cash (SPF)Contact Information: PM if interestedDescription : Pedersoli 1874 Sharps made for Cabelas. Sight Lot, Front And Rear Rifle And Pistol Sights. Agree about the globe sight, interchangeable apertures are a very good thing. The rifle originally came with a hooded post front sight and deluxe long range rear. 450" dovetail. The bbl is numbered on the bottom "158176 Pedersoli Front Sight (Sharps) Check Stock. It is equipped with a C. Pedersoli Springfield Trapdoor Carbine. RARE SHARPS MODEL 1874 LONG RANGE NO. – Calibre 44. Posted on July 11, 2017 September 13, 2017 by Josh Wayner Uberti 1874 Sharps Down Under Rifle Josh Wayner Custom Sharps Model 1877 Long Range Creedmoor Target Rifle . It has usual bbl, receiver [more like this] COLT MODEL 1862 POCKET NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER. The globe front sight comes with a set on interchangeable sight disks so they user can select a disk for the best Values for A Sharps Model 2A four-barrel pepperbox pistol Serial no. Další Produkt č. Package includes RCBS dies, over 200 pieces of brass, 120 cast bullets and leather sleave. Gettin ready to order a Heilman for my backup rifle anyday now. The rear sight is graduated from 1 to 20, representing hundreds of meters. 45-70. Daum’s drawings are based on examination and measurements of the Marksman rifle presented to Lt. Call us toll free: +1 888-744-0066. I'd also get a globe front sight with changeable aperture inserts so you can change them according to distance and target size. ' The top flat also has Cal. Ending Jun 28 at  Compare. The front sight is a hooded globe that allows interchangeable inserts. RIFLE GLOBE FRONT SIGHT. Sharps Arms 1875 in 38-55 with a 30" barrel yesterday and the barrel is marked V. com ROLLING BLOCK SHORT RANGE SCHUETZEN STYLE TARGET RIFLE, 40 50 Sharps B. Sharps 1863, 1874 Schematic W/ Parts List Globe Front Sight (w/ One APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. E. C sharps 1875 C sharps 1875 Further, Lyman's proven tang sight and globe front sight combine with the rifles double set triggers to deliver the full measure of accuracy this premium rifle offers. The front sight appears virtually as new, no marks or defects of any kind. Removed from a Winchester 69A 22 cal. Globe Front Sight The 3 ¼” cases were of the Berdan primer type, it looks as if the Sharps Rifle Company must have later rechambered this big rifle to take the longer modern primer U. My Shiloh Sharps originally had a C Sharps rear sight. $8. Ball/detent mechanism positively locks sight in folded or extended position. And 2 tang rear sights (long-range and mid-range), both with fine screw adjustments for elevation (adjustments are repeatable). These pieces fit nicely into the original leather bound, wood case marked"Sharps Rifle Co. Nice addition to your Winchester rifle. Also adjust for windage. 45-70 Govt. 821" in diameter. 24" part oct bbl, globe front sight with bead, fixed notch rear sight, Vernier peep folding tang sight and a Swiss style buttplate. I know how to shoot as I have been shooting for over 50 years. Sharps, however, I wouldn't throw it The rifle I used was my hefty Model 1874 Hartford by C. Be careful while checking the fit of the new sight in the barrel dovetail slot. I have an H and R buffalo classic in 45-70, I love it and it is a ton of fun to shoot but the rear sight doesn't allow much elevation change and really limits a hot loaded 45-70's long range potential. Checkered gutta-percha grips. The gun is brass mounted with a patchbox, has a pewter forend cap and an early production Sharps long-range tang sight, mated with a simple dovetailed front sight, rather than the more commonly encountered globe front sight. the rear mid-range vernier is calibrated for both elevation and windage, with a single aperture eye cup. There is a reason for the wait on a Shiloh and it isn't because they are slow. Shiloh will install them if you tell them, and if you won't be hunting with open sights you can do a delete option on the barrel sight. This lot provides you the opportunity to bid on a collection of Like New sharps rifle & carbine sights. Sharps rifle in the classic 40-90 Bottleneck. 45 2 1/10 (45-70). Guaranteed. Well made. The gun currently features the following: 29-3/4" octagon barrel stamped "Caliber . A bubble level front globe is mandatory if you expect to be competitive at the longer ranges. This Model 1874 has the same specifications as the Sporting rifle, except that the Silhouette rifle has a pistol grip buttstock. NRA "Ten Best Weapon" Award Winning Rare Cased Sharps Pistol-Rifle Serial Number 11 with Accessories. I loaded 65 gr of blackpowder compressed under a 405 LFN bullet for my loads. I have not shot it. Updated layaway terms for new orders effective 22 May 2020. U470 Nipples $3. Pedersoli Rifle Sights - Tunnel Sight W/Level and Inserts $93. Accuracy with scoped rifle under 1″ center to center for 10 shots/100 yards. This is a reproduction of the Sharps 1874 Model single shot rifle manufactured by C. , a manufacturer of percussion revolvers, breechloading single-shot pistols and pistol-rifles, and four-shot pepperbox pistols. The tang sight is adjustable for elevation and the front sight can be drifted for windage. A LOT OF GUN SIGHTS !, Pitol Sights, Rifle Sights, Shotgun sights, Bob's Gun Shop Po Box 200 Royal Ar 71968. Legacy Reviewer's Review of Lyman 20 MJT Globe Front Sight 3201150 I have an layte fifties Remington Target master 22 it didn't have a rear sight and the front was, well not all there. Iron sights are typically composed of two component sights, formed by metal blades: a rear sight mounted perpendicular to the line of sight and a front sight that is a post, bead, ramp, or ring. This gun was designed by C. PEDERSOLI DAVIDE & C. The base features a long slot so that it can be used on tangs with 1 ½” center to center distance and up to 2 ¼” center to center. Sharps High Wall with the standard 0. It has a 34" half octagon/half round barrel, double set triggers. This sight is made by Pedersoli and will fit all models of their Sharps rifles as well as many other guns. Condition: Very good. Co. Most Civil War Kerrs were used in the western theater by the Army of Tennessee. . 36. I really like the vernier type ladder sights that are tang mounted but the H and R doesn't have a traditional tang to mount it to. today. It is supplied with eight interchangeable inserts that are locked in place with a threaded cap. Previously the Uberti Sharps "Extra Deluxe". Quantity . Weight is about 11 1/4 pounds. Records accompanying this rifle state this gun was invoiced May 27, 1878. 45-70 cal. It was not easy to adjust and didn't feel like a very well designed piece to me. Tool is used for tightening the front sight dovetail gap. C. Shop Lyman Little Sharps Tang Sight | Be The First To Review Lyman Little 2 Marlin Tang Sight 3902100. Jul 11, 2017 · Uberti 1874 Sharps Down Under Rifle in 45. Pedersoli Rifle Sights - Front Sight W/Inserts $73. 2 are excellent, but as delivered, are probably more appropriate for target shooting than hunting or field use. /BIG TIMBER, MONTANA U. bbl. 40-50 Sharps Straight. I don't plan on shooting black powder but to go with modern 45-70 ammo. // P. Barrel Length: The octagon barrel is 26” in length and 0. If someone gave me a C. My Sharps; Shopping Cart. Sharps does sell a nice rifle, Shiloh builds a nicer rifle. PO Box 329 Davison MI 48423. Save your rifles for later. The sights on the Navy Aims Sharps No. They told me they do not stamp anything on the sight bases like mine. to rnd. Sharps tang sight, and chambered in . Creamer Rifle. I'm getting a Pedersoli 1874 sharps 45-70 competition rifle and can't find enough info for me to make an intellegent decision on which Creedmore tang sight to put on. Overbaugh 300 Broadway, New York. 00, so for under $750. 45-100-2. after shooting the rifle, and realizing its potential, i've already ordered an excellent lee shaver c. I could own either, I have more than 1 Shiloh, no C. but I have a 45-120 in a C. Sigman Cabool, Mo. MVA Combination Front Sight $ 89. 00 I'm planning a Bison hunt in the next year or so and got the nostalgia bug to use a Sharps rifle. Lawrence 1859" stamped rear folding sight, globe front sight, Sharps long range tang sight serial numbered to gun, plate covering the veneer heel sight fitting, brass half swiss Buy Uberti USA sights online now at the official Uberti USA factory Gear Store. The Down Under Sharps is a reproduction of the firearm Tom Selleck carried in the film “Quigley Down Under. The frame was engraved, the optional shotgun or rifle-type butt plate was rubber, and every part was "finished in the best manner". FS-SE-SL-INSERT Sharps Front Sight Inserts, set of 12, tempered spring steel, to fit Sharps globe front sights by MVA, Shiloh, C. 2 bids. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Pedersoli offers Front sights & Inserts set accessories for sale, . Add to Cart. Front Sight Inserts Front sights for Long Range BPCR should have replaceable front inserts with an inside diameter of . I put a tang sight on the rear, and a globe sight on the front. 404" Height) is machined from a solid piece of steel and is designed to be mounted in 3/8"dovetail slots. Description. I returned the last one, their top of the line rear/front set for a REFUND and got myself a HOKE which i'm satisfied with. sharps arms new model 1875 sporting rifle, cal 45-70, 34" #1 heavy part octagon barrel, fancy AMERICAN WALNUT, PISTOL GRIP, CHEEK REST w/ACCENT LINE, FRENCH GREY, SILVER NOSE CAP, GLOBE W/APERTURES & SPIRIT LEVEL & DELUXE L-R TANG SIGHT W/HADLEY EYECUP. The Remington Hepburn 1880-1907 With Vernier tang peep sight, RS Lawrence patent folding leaf sight and globe front sight. This style of tang sight is ideal for shooting up to 250 yards. Globe Front Sight Expansive array of Globe Front Sight at the best pricing. / SEPT. m. Mr. Globe with spirit level front sight. Box and papers. globe front sight is machined from one solid piece of steel and designed . His rifle is a H&R 1871 Buffalo Classic break-action single shot in 45-70 caliber. 025″ wide, which allows the use of two inserts creating a custom sight picture. This was just a quick trip, but as always, any time spent shooting is quality time. Bead sights, peep sights, tang sights, and more will give you that field of view to acquire your target on your Model 700, 1886, 1894, 1903, Mauser, plus many more rifle and shotgun types. It has a 28 ¾” round barrel, a checkered stock, a globe front sight and tang mounted rear target sight, and is chambered in . The front sight is windage adjustable. 12TH 1848”. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Features an unnumbered barrel marked with "Old Reliable" and "SHARPS RIFLE CO. 45 and then in much smaller numbers 2 7/8 The upper tang of the receiver has the serial number 384xx and is stamped horizontally along the tang in between the 2 threaded holes for a tang sight. 22 Hornet in its promised niche between the . The insert currently installed is a day-glo orange post. Sharps Rifle that you like, look for the 'Save for Later' button. Lock plate fitted w/ priming mechanism & marked w/ "1852" date. 25 lbs as shown. For ordering information, contact RHO Instrument Co. EP1735 Front Sight, . 45-70 caliber, with a 30" No. Pedersoli Gibbs Spirit Level Windgage Globe Front Sight . Oversized items will be 15. Sharps Rifle that you like, look for the 'Save  FS-SE-SL-INSERT Sharps Front Sight Inserts, set of 12, tempered spring steel, to fit Sharps globe front sights by MVA, Shiloh, C. Just as with the modern replicas, sights were the standard hunting type or the aperture rear with a globe style front sight. 1 rifle of 1879 was a minor variant with a fine English walnut half stock, Marlin's improved vernier back sight (graduated to 800 yards), and a wind gauge front sight with bead and aperture discs. This rifle is chambered in 250-3more Mr Bone passed away in 2006; his work and life is the subject of a recent book by J. Installing the tang sight and the front globe sight will happen after I get some shim stock, as the dovetail is a bit loose with the globe sight. Expert Advice! Here we have the “real” Tom Selleck “Quigley Down Under” Shiloh Sharps 45/110 Cal. Looking for a mounting kit or base to mount your Malcolm scope on your vintage rifle? Long Telescopic Sight Higher Front Ring 2020 Hi-Lux Optics. Our Assessment: This Sharps Model 1874 reproduction rifle made by IAB Marcheno in Italy. Jul 18, 2018 · Both front and rear sights are made by Pedersolli. has made available a CNC-machined reproduction of this Marksman Rifle Front Sight based on drawings by Tony Daum. It was an impulse buy that was fun to shoot, a pain to clean and a cash cow to feed. A Soule type works better if you get serious. ST, Box 1789, Point Roberts, WA 98281. No. No buckhorn sight but does have the Shiloh #3 standard tang. This. 1859 Sharps Carbine Serial Numbers. Setting up the sights can be quite time consuming - the tang sight mast needs to be perfectly perpendicular to the action and the bubble level front sight needs to be perfectly level in relation to the mast. CST We know that you may not be ready to purchase just yet. , pin head globe front sight, This 45-70 Sharps rifle assembled by The Lyman™ 17AHB . See page 530 of the "Springfield 1903 Rifle" by Brophy. (4) The Little Sharps Tang Sight by Lyman is specifically for the Lyman Sharps Rifle. TYPE RIFLE. Great deals on Rifle Sights for Sharps. SHARPS PAT SEPT 12TH 1848. Tunnel Front Sight with Spirit Level and Windage adjustment. $1800 shipped to 01 FFL for all, rifle as shown (no Lee Shaver sights or bullet moulds) only $1450 shipped or $1375 FTF. Get Sharps Model 1863 Replica - IAB Italy parts direct from Numrich Gun Parts - America's current and obsolete rifle parts supplier since 1950. behind the sight and "CAL. Now the dovetail was cut for a Smith globe sight in Arizona but I don't have that sight anymore, what can I do, haven't found any globe front sights with the larger cut. Front folding globe sight with line up markings. First things, I am 65, and use shooting glasses due to old eyes. Sharps Mar 13, 2011 · Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Rifle. 30" tapered octagon standard weight barrel, pistol grip, schnabel forend, accent panels at receiver, double set trigges, color-cased receiver and smooth or checkered steel buttplate. Sharps. F. Sharps 1875. The . But I think my Pedersoli is also a very fine piece of work. The left side of the receiver is marked “C. Sharps Arms Co, Inc. A single-shot muzzleloader with excellent long-range accuracy for its era, especially when used with a telescopic sight, the Whitworth rifle was widely regarded as the world's first sniper rifle. We are currently offering nine styles of front globe sights. Antique Guns Click on thumbnail. It has a Williams WGRS aperture sight on the receiver and a Lyman globe front target sight. Rifle is equipped with a globe style front sight with insert and has a buckhorn style rear sight. Pedersoli Davide & C. 380" to 0. 50-90”. Barrel cluster with to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. The Kentucky brigade received eleven from "an English admirer," and Cleburne's division at one time deployed a forty-six-man sharpshooter corps I own two Shilohs, #1's and this C Sharps. This sight will not fit an original antique Sharps rifle with . You are bidding on a Lyman 77R Globe Front Sight and Mounting Block for a Winchester 69A Rifle. 472 (12 mm). , 30” heavy oct. Top tang has "1848" patent date. Sharps Arms Co. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. : 1-731-885-0700 Information Line: 1-731-885-0700 Phone/Fax Hours. Nov 30, 2015 · I've had a Shiloh Sharps for close to 20 years now. I drove out the old sight from left to right and do not believe the dovetail cut is tapered at least by measuring and very close scrutiny under a bright light. Sights / Optics: The front sight is a globe with interchangeable inserts that is dovetailed into the top of the barrel. The Lyman Model 1878 Sharps rifle is handsome, accurate and moderately priced. Barrel Length: 34” Sights / Optics: The front sight is a globe-type sight with level, dial adjustable for windage dovetailed to the front of the barrel. for $700. The front sight is a globe AND the rear sight with elevator says the front globe includes the mandatory spirit level and a buncha different aperture inserts. Price US$30. Little sharps rifle company Little sharps rifle company Dec 03, 2014 · SHARPS 1874 with a nice tang & globe sight in a 40-50 in a lined 45-70 barrel. 404 High Globe Sight is machined from a solid piece of steel. Sharps Gun Builder. Stock Dimensions: 13 7/8" LOP: Metal Condition: Very minor handling marks: Trigger: Double set triggers: Fore End: Checkered Walnut with ebony nose cap: Manufacture Date: 2016: Wood Condition: Very minor handling marks buckhorn barrel sight, an MVA #113 low profile spirit level globe front sight, and MVA #103 long range Buffalo Soule rear sight. 100-002-383WB. Case colored action & buttplate. Stevens Arms Company, well known for its Tip-Up Pistols, Boy’s Rifles, and Target Rifles, got its start in Chicopee Falls at the closing years of the Civil War in 1864. engraved at muzzle and with Ballard globe front sight. 40", "Old Reliable Sharps Rifle Co. (10-1622/DS). Sharps Model 1874 sporting rifle falling block . : 100002383 100002383 Jefferson, Front sight is an open circle or \"globe\" sight as described--- Lyman\'s tang and globe sights for a complete accuracy system. LYMAN #2 TANG REAR SIGHT for WINCHESTER MODEL 94 SHARP SIGHT OPTIC AID Similar to the old Hawk-Eye from Lyman with  Rossi_RG_Front. Shop the Best Selection of Muzzleloader Open Sights Online! Williams, Traditions, Durasight, Lyman & More! Best Prices. Globe front sight. Both have special . Both are MVA, Rear is Long range Sharps style with Hadley eye cup and a #111 globe front with post insert. W Creamer” at the breech. 00 including dies, brass, etc. This sight is . the height is . 788" Globe Front Sight Steel Black RIFLE GLOBE FRONT SIGHT. The rear mount is graduated for two MOA adjustment with a total elevation of 180 minutes. Shoulda learned my lesson after the 2nd, but those Cabelas Gift Certificates were too tempting. / HARTFORD CONN". Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. Not only am I using a video, but will provide you with a bit of history on the Shiloh Sharps company. This is one sweet rifle and it’s guaranteed to bring down any big game animals that get in front of it’s sights. 34" heavy octagon. Feb 04, 2010 · The C Sharps rifles were also pretty pricey and had a long wait time when I bought my Pedersoli, otherwise I'd have one as well. SHARPS’ PAT. Height of the target globe sight is . 545 from center, not including the attaching base. ” The rifle is equipped with a globe bead front sight and tang mounted rear sight, adjustable double set triggers (an expensive option), checkered forearm with a poured pewter forend tip and pistol grip stock with a checkered plastic buttplate. 1 heavy tapered octagon barrel, extra fancy English walnut stock with cheekrest, globe front sight with interchangeable apertures and spirit level, Soule mid-range rear sight with Hadley eyecup, double set trigger, . The tang sight shows a few tiny speckles, the blue is turning brown in a couple of places, otherwise no defects, wear, etc, the spring is very snappy. All globe sights come with your choice of interchangeable sight insert card. Cod. Sharps and Pedersoli 1874 replicas. Speed-Sight Front Rifle Sight - Tall Height As the name implies, this sight will allow you to speed up your sight acquisition by drawing your eyes and your attention to the front sight, where they should be. S# 8306. 85% matte blue. Van Vliet of the Army Division of the Atlantic for his performance during the matches held on November 17, 1881. He was a maker of top action target rifles and worked from 1879 to 1887. 45 2 7/8" at the breech. 450” while C-Sharps’ is 7/16”. 16AML Rear Sight & 37ML Front Sight Combo Black Powder Sight - Tired of the same old traditional blade and buckhorn sights found on most muzzleloaders? These quality Lyman hunting sights will make an old gun shoot straight and true. Multiple inserts for the front sight are The rifle is sighted with a globe front sight with spirit level and ten inserts, ladder sporting rear sight and express long-range rear sight. Overbaugh who also designed the Model Jul 07, 2006 · The Sharps “Sporting Rifle” with full octagon barrel began at $35, while the half octagon-barreled model listed for $33. GET THE NEWSLETTER Join the List and Never Miss a Thing. 100-002-377WB Rifle Adj Tang Creedmoor Universal Middle Range 2\" Black Mfr Part: 465 The Deluxe Sharps has AA-grade checkered walnut and comes with a Creedmoor tang sight. Receiver & lever are French gray finished while the breech block & buttplate are bright nickel The original spirit-level globe front is missing, but the long-range sporting rear vernier tang sight and standard ladder style sporting rear sight are present. Check Stock Code: 15. Sep 19, 2015 · There is a rear sight slot cut that has been filled. EP0703 Sharps Tang Sight & Globe Front Sight. Top flat marked "SHARP'S RIFLE / MANUFg. 404" high, measured from the bottom of the dovetail to the center of the aperture. 25 7/8" heavy octagon measuring 1" across flats at muzzle. Patterned after an original plains rifle sight, this machined steel rear sight is extra high to keep. The ten-pound Kerr used a rear sight similar to the standard Enfield ladder and an adjustable globe sight on the front. He returned to Philadelphia and formed C. ”. For 3/8" - 30 degree dovetail and measures . Nov 07, 2017 · My 1874 Sharps range report I just started using that same aperture in the front Globe sight on my model 52. Apertures included, which are held in place by a clip with spirit level. 510" The width, under the ears is . Double set triggers were a $4 option, while globe and peep sights added $5 to the rifle’s price. Part Number: 73S278. C sharps 1875 WTS - Lyman Ideal Sharps in 22 Hornet with Hornady dies, Lyman neck expander, Sierra . 44 caliber rifle. 22 WMR and the . The sight comes with fifteen interchangeable inserts. Bridgeport, Connecticut" on top of barrel, "R. , I will have a Sharps I can shoot for fun, for competition, for meat. Steel sight. Rifle Adj Tang Creedmoor Universal Middle Range 2" Black . Front globe sight with 0. Sort by: Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low A-Z Z-A Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest Best Selling Mar 10, 2016 · Regarding accuracy, my Sharps shoots better than me, no complaints in that department. 390" to fit a standard Browning or Winchester front dovetail and can easily be filed to fit a standard 3/4" dovetail. 275 HIGH DOVETAIL BASE $29. set triggers. Rotating the adjustment knob clockwise moves the front sight to the left, moving the point of bullet impact to the right. What front/rear sight do you have? Lyman Sharps Break Open 38-55 Winchester 26" Bright Finish. Lyman 6003855. Price is $995 shipped to your FFL within the CONUS. 50 2d 19h Globe Sights. Chronographing results clearly place the . Beautiful Sharps target rifle with 34" oct to rnd bbl, Spirit level windgage globe front sight. Comes with 18 inserts. Back Order. 1 heavy tapered octagon barrel, extra fancy English walnut stock w/cheek rest, globe front sight w/apertures and spirit level, and a Soule mid-range tang rear sight w/Hadley eyecup. At my first Rattlesnake Mountain long-range match in March 2013 we had a 30 mph crosswind at 1000 yards. Marbles rear tang sight and globe front sight. My Gun List » Make Offer - VINTAGE GRIFFIN AND HOWE Clear Vision pat pend G&H RIFLE FRONT GLOBE SIGHT VINTAGE LYMAN OR REDFIELD TARGET RIFLE FRONT GLOBE SIGHT . Products . $12. Sharps Arms Deluxe Vernier tang sight and a Globe front sight with spirit level. 0984 (9,5x30°xh. $700. 433" (11 mm). the barrel sight by C Sharps is I bought a C. The front sight base and globe are included, with two inserts and the bubble lever attachment is also included. Case colored action. 40. 2,5 mm) - Height: . The sight mounting holes distance is 2-1/8" and the front globe will fit a standard 3/8" dovetail. A tack driver. Sharps Arms, Inc. Showcasing globe front sight available for buying today online! This sight is a great choice for the shooter who wants to shoot competitively, as well as hunt with the sight. N. long range Vernier peep sight on the upper tang (modern), no external markings on the lock, "1547" on the underside of the lock, the 1869 The Whitworth rifle was an English-made rifled musket used in the latter half of the 19th century. 500" high globe front. S. #111 Plain Globe Sight $ 96. The top of the barrel at the chamber is marked “. Pedersoli Front Sight (Sharps) Check Stock. The rifle looks very well kept inside and out. RIFLE. 0800001171 Price US$30. A micrometric screw is used to correct for windage. Price: $45. , with Freund's Mar 02, 2017 · Well, after way too much patience and thumb twittling, I finally have my new Sharps home. 689" Height with 15 Sight Inserts Pedersoli Short Range Creedmoor Soule Sight 2" Tall Staff. Dovetail base: 3/8" (9,5 mm)x 30 - H . In other news, I found an old Army issue bullet mold for 45-70 that drops a 500 gn bullet. For beginners, it is a good idea to make up small 6 SIGHT ADJUSTMENT AND ZEROING Sights sold with most rifles manu-factured in other countries indicate SIGHT LOT, FRONT And Rear Rifle And Pistol Sights - $39. 99 This is an all new 17A style front sight. Display case for Pedersoli Rolling Block rifle with 34" barrel & pistol grip stock. It comes complete with a selection of inserts. These sights, an adaptation of original #4 MKI military micrometer sights will make your No. 223 clan. SHARPS' PAT OCT 5TH 1852 The left side of the receiver is marked-C. Starting at the muzzle, the front sight consists of a large hood dovetailed into the barrel. I also acquired a blow tube to blow down the barrel between shots and keep the fouling soft. 29. An M-1851 Sporting Rifle in the exact same configuration is pictured on page 42 of Frank Sellers’ Sharps Firearms . 025” Post. Clear markings on the barrel read- NEW MODEL 1863 Somewhat worn markings in front of the sight read- SHARPS RIFLE MANUFG. Fine 3-band rifle with 30" rnd bbl, square base front sight/bayonet lug with Lawrence Patent 900 yard ladder rear sight. A fun shooter. I feel silly asking this, but hoping to get some advice in using the front globe sights with a Sharps tang sight. Sharps or Shiloh Sharps with . 254568676191 Plus a long range sight works just fine for closer shots too. sight & the other for the C. (#8) stamped on this one. O. The gun is equipped with dual set triggers. 50. Barrel is marked with Rifle Ranch Diamond-E logo and "NO 1100 RIFLE RANCH - PRESCOTT ARIZ". Chiocpee Falls, Mass SA Pat Sept 6, 1864" on the upper left flat. M1884 FRONT SIGHT AND HOOD ASSEMBLYt. American Rifle Sights New Gun Book Sharps Colt Winchester Remington Lyman Marble. My used Pedersoli Sharps came with the original front sight which I replaced with a Lyman 17A. Out of Stock One rear sight aperture is included. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! Vintage Gun Parts, Vintage Hunting, Hunting, Sporting Goods. Loosen the knurled ring in one turn to insert one of the twelve sight inserts, included with each sight. Quigley Sharps Single Shot Rifle, by Shiloh Rifle Mfg. Tang sight comes with screws which are unbuggered. I mounted a Montana Vintage Arms Mid Range Soule sight on the tang. 7389 Lapeer Rd. SHARPS MODEL 1875 TARGET & SPORTING RIFLE w/Badger Bar-rel, 30” Heavy tapered round w/cut rifling & lapped 7/16” Sharps front dovetail, American walnut w/pistol Grip 14 1/4” length of pull & Sharps Old Reliable black butt plate color cased receiver group drilled & tapped for Sharps Tang sight. The Extra Deluxe features a straight AAA-grade walnut stock, detailed engraving with gold-inlaid bison and bison head, dovetailed front globe sight, case-hardened levers, buttplate, blue steel finish, blue octagonal barrel, double set trigger, and pewter forend cap. Quickview Tunnel Front Sight with 12 Quick Change Inserts. A telescopic sight would cost the Sharps buyer $40 – more than the cost of the rifle in many cases. For sale is a Chiappa 1874 Sharps rifle with a Pedersoli Globe front sight with a variety of inserts ($150), a Shilo Sharps Full Buckhorn barrel sight ($150) and a Marbles folding tang peep sight ($350). #112 Front Sight - $300. net A globe front with spirit level and a Soule vernier tang are the standard in BPCR silhouette and target shooting. Other rifle manufacturers, especially European makers, may use metric dimensions on their front sight dovetails. Rifle shown with semi-fancy wood, soule midrange tang sight and globe with apps and spirit level front, forearm with ebony nose cap. Fast Shipping. Sep 23, 2010 · The globe front sight that fits into the front scope mount is an extra $95. The front sight is the Soviet post and globe C. I am still going to put a globe sight on the front of it. INC. 050" smaller, I. rifled 29 in. 2- SHARPS 1863 in 54 cal. Generich of the New York Central Schuetzen Corps, 781 8th Avenue New York City. Barrel Length: 30″ Sights / Optics: The gun is mounted with a bubble level globe front sight, with donut insert. Uberti also creates bubble inserts and sight inserts for a variety of sight systems to complete your replica rifle or pistol setup. 410" tall, which works well with Uberti and Marbles rear sights. Designed after the iconic Sharps rifle used by Tom Selleck in “Quigley Down Under”, this quality Italian replica was imported by Cabela's and is in excellent condition overall. 222/. It is an Vintage Target Rifle Hooded Globe Front Sight Winchester Marlin Sharpes Refine Pricing Price ~ $63 / Price ~ $178 / Price ~ $277 / Price ~ $312 / Price ~ $750 / Price ~ $868 / Price ~ $1334 / Price ~ $1718 / Price ~ $2236 / Price ~ $4897 Products Orderings Relevant / Ending Time / Lowest / Priced High To Low / Recent Addition 30" standard weight full octagon barrel with inyerchangiable Sharps globe front sight and nice windage adjustable Pedersoli made Vernier tang sight. Sharps 1875 #1 Sporter . The left front underside of the receiver is marked “S469”. 95. Nickel plated small action has slight spotting. Select options. Gold Bead Rifle Sights, Replica Rifle Tang Sights,Old Winchester Rifle Sights,Old Cowboy Rifle Sights,Hunting Gun Sights,Target Gun Sights, Pistol Sights, Rifle Sights, Gun Sights,Screw down Sights, Dovetail Rifle Sights, Dovetail Pistol Sights, Remington Factory Sights, Peep Sights This is an Armi d’Sport Model 1874 Sharps rifle, an Italian-made replica of the original Sharps, a rifle renowned for long-range accuracy. , than all my other similar front sight cards. This is a very nice item that came from a closed gun shop that we have been liquidating. Birthplace of the Creedmoor cartridge, Creedmoor Sports has been serving the precision rifle shooting community for over 40 years. The front sight is a globe AND the rear sight with elevator says Bridgeport, Conn. Overbaugh who also designed the Model Jan 27, 2010 · I replaced the blade front sight with a Kelly globe sight with a dozen different inserts. Description: A Springfield front sight tool for the Springfield 03, 03A1, 22 m1 and 22 M2 rifles. Sharps Arms 45-70 power level. - 5 p. Fits in a 3/8" dovetail. A custom rear barrel sight probably made by Kellogg. At some point, they changed their name to the Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company and then moved to Big timber, Montana in 1983. , Inc. 223 bullets, 157 new brass, and 18 shot once brass. It wears a mid-range Soule tang sight, a spirit level globe front sight, and a Hadley eyepiece. 52. Neither this caliber offering or buttplate style are currently available under C. The male dovetail base is slightly tapered from 0. 00 No problem with my C. 30 caliber. The front sight plate blade appears to be bone or ivory. Sharps, Smith, Pedersoli, made in the USA by Smith Enterprise. There are pictures and specs on the C. 450") These are . Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in gun parts, 100000 gun parts, 2000 gun stocks, 1000 magazines, 500 barrels. The long range sight features an adjustable aperture and is adjustable for both windage and elevation. Explore. 450″. Shiloh Sharps’ front sight dovetail is . 404 Falling Block Rifle, made circa 1910-16 in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. Stevens A & T Co. Globe post on front. Parker-Hale, for use on a high power military target rifle. , checkered PG stock with cheek rest, & Gouda Percha PG cap, nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, veneer short range tang sight, veneer globe front sight, mint bore, bbl. W. Original Pins for RIFLE blades are $5 each. 00 for priority or may be shipped UPS at our discretion. Lyman's New Ideal Model is a continuation of where the historic Sharps Rifle Series left off C. Purchased new from Prophet River last year, and used to harvest a white tail. I would like to hunt with gun which around here a long shot in the woods is 100yds. Centerline of globe to base of dovetails is . Find front & rear sights, sight screws & inserts Item Description. As the buffalo era was ending, Sharps refined their renowned rifle to create the … Just froward of the point off of the fancy rear sight marked in three lines: Sharps Rifle Manufu Co Hartford Conn. This is a very nice Lyman 77R front target sight and mounting block. That Description. rifle. C225 CASE $250. Veneer tang sight, military rear & globe front sight. The only markings on the sight is on the bottom of the dovetail base; marked with an "8" Browse all new and used Antique Rifles - Target for sale and 41 cal. Categories. Custom Lyman Tang Sight with target and hunting aperture. This rifle features a front globe sight on a 32-inch blued octagon barrel, a rear tang sight, double set triggers and straight-grain walnut furniture. Probably never going to shoot the Quigley in Montana or anywhere else. Near excellent bore. The left side of the receiver is marked "C. 44 3 / 4 " long, 28" octagon barrel. These sights are offered in a wide variety to fulfill you needs. The new sight goes in from the 'right' just as the old one came out to the 'right'. This 7/8" dia. I picked up this sight and was very pleasantly surprised. $200 extra invested in just the sights. Pistol grip. Precision Lyman Globe front sight With inserts. Available today for your favorite Uberti rifle. A non windage works OK if you don't mind holding over for wind adjustment. 1884 SPRINGFIELD Soule long range tang sight with Hadley style adjustable eye cup. , 30" oct. Sharps’ current web ordering options. Spectacular custom engraved Borchardt with 32″ tapered rnd bbl, spirit level windgage globe front sight, Lawrence Patent ladder bbl sight and an integral tang sight base containing a Sharps vernier 4″ staff. Although his association with the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company ended in 1853, Christian Sharps continued to work as a designer and manufacturer of firearms. The Lyman™ Globe sights include 8 target inserts that are locked in place with a threaded cap. Bore is perfect. Big Timber, Montana, USA 1875 #1 Sporter – It Was Custom Built for the Previous Owner – 30” Tapered Octagon Barrel – XXX Presentation Grade Oil Finished American Walnut Stock with Pistol Grip and Schnabel Style Forend – Spectacular Color Case Hardening of The One of the old guys at my shooting club is among our top buffalo rifle shooters. Windage globe front sight, Lawrence style folding leaf rear sight w/ long range Vernier tang sight. PROVENANCE: Collection of Dr. , #B8279, . rifle would be a great all around Sharps for hunting and target work. Leonard Goldfarb. 270 Dovetail, . This cleverly designed blued steel globe front sight is slotted to accept the classic Sharps style sight inserts. Walnut stock & forend with pewter forend cap. ” This rifle has a globe front sight and adjust folding rear sight. 34 Standard markings include “45 caliber 21/10. The gun is brass mounted with a patchbox, has a pewter forend cap and an early production Sharps long-range tang sight, mated with a globe front sight. 4 rifle a serious target rifle. Box, Paperwork & Accessories: The globe front sight and tang mounted Soule sight are included. I shoot it from 50yd to 600yd with a Hoke mid-range rear sight for BPCR and then 50yd to 200m on the rimfire 1885. 500" height from the 1874 Sharps Rifles; Pedersoli Spirit Level Windage Globe Front Sight . If this is the case you will be emailed with a shipping cost update. Sharps worked at John Hall's Rifle Works in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, where he learned He returned to Philadelphia and formed C. Home · Accessories · Economy Soule Type Sights · For Ballard Rifles · For Lever Action Rifles · For  45-70 or 45-110 Caliber Pewter Tip Hartford Collar Double Set Triggers Semi Buckhorn Rear Sight Midrange Vernier Tang Sight #111 Globe Aperture Front  That movie has done for the Sharps rifle what Dirty Harry did for the Smith sights were the standard hunting type or the aperture rear with a globe style front sight. SHARPS 1874 in 45-70, This one has a adjustable sight on barrel which isn't factory (picture added). There are 25 silver inlays plus a silver nose piece, toe plate and saddle plate. The Globe Sights are . SN 57290. I'm partial to Garrett's 420gr Hammerhead +P loads, which according to their website will work in the Shiloh, C. Click it to have our site remember the way you like to shoot. A. Shop for Sharps 1874 Replica - IAB Italy rifle parts with Numrich Gun Parts Corp. Open sights use a notch of some sort as the rear sight, while aperture sights use some form of a circular hole. 35 shipping. Manufactured by C. for sale by Bromleys Gun Shop on GunsAmerica - 947035844 Nov 28, 2005 · I have a badger barrel that has a large dovetail like . MON-FRI 8 a. Small parts under 13 ounces that can safely ship in a padded envelope will ship first class for $6. Congrats on goo new rifle. This rifle would benefit from a proper vintage tang sight. $34. 085 thru . Rifles produced by the (Christian) Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company, later reorganized as the Sharps Rifle Company, were originally offered from approximately 1851 until 1881, but quickly became a larger-than-life legend famous for their accuracy, power and rugged The Marble Arms® front sight, with its unique contour, has set the standard since 1900. Related: lyman sight winchester rear sight winchester stock winchester front sight winchester 1892 winchester barrel winchester sight elevator globe sight Refine more Format Includes Tunnel Globe front sight with post and bead, dove-tailed. 22 Long Rifle Here we present a Stevens Arms Co. Custom ordered with upgraded wood, long range tang sight and ajustable and front globe sight with windage ajustment, level and a complete set of inserts. Axtell vernier tang sight with 4-3/4"; staff, numbered to this rifle. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. Shop the Largest Selection, Click to See! Search eBay faster with PicClick. /BIG TIMBER, MONTANA USA/74 Box, Paperwork & Accessories: The globe front sight and tang mounted Soule sight are included. of Farmingdale, New York in 1976. 450", (the I. 025" post. 00 U095 Lead flint clamps (3 pack) $4. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. The Lyman 17AHB Target Front Sight (. This measures 1. 1874 SHARPS RIFLE ; Front Sights ; Scopes; Buckhorn barrel sight; Sort Alphabetically: A to Z. 45-70 Lyman Sharps Model 1877. This sight has a . Type: Sights Lyman 77R Front Target Sight. so I'd like to sight it in at 75 to 100 yds. Pedersoli makes a tang sight and a globe sight and I ordered them with my rifle. Price: $14. M. Modern Sharps Seller ridecontrol Available on Gunboards. The streamlined lock profile and vintage-style laser engraving are exclusive to thi The cap is habd engraved with an “A” and “Axtell Rifle Co. The front sight inserts are changed by unscrewing the front knurled ring of the sight and tightening when a new insert is installed. Pewter tipped forearm & straight grip stock of fancy black walnut w/ checkered steel buttplate. I think it is a Long Range Express but not sure. Shipping charges will be adjusted at the order desk. The No 4 A. At the very bottom of this article I will provide you with info on how YOU can personally BUY one of these iconic rifles. Front sight: with dovetail base: 3/8”x30°x height . Select options Montana Vintage Arms, Shiloh Sharps Model 1874 Rifle fitted with a 28 inch heavy round barrel, walnut forearm and stock fitted with a steel carbine buttplate, double set triggers, globe front sight, semi-buckhorn rear sight, C. 98% barrel blue. 155. for auction. 036U410000: Front sight and rear sight set for breech loading rifles (Rolling Block – Sharps and other models). Buy Now! Winchester Globe Front Sight Lyman 77 With Box Models 52 75 70 Nos. 689" high. The rifle weighs 10. The top of the barrel is marked “Sharp’s Rifle Manufacturing. globe front sight for c sharps rifle

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